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Happy Friday! I am trying to write this blog while also trying to not melt into a puddle – it's proving challenging, but I shall persevere!

This week I've been messing around with the mini crafting project that Kyatric sent me. I'm happy to say it now functions quite nicely as a little drag-drop crafting system. The project uses a JSON to store the item data and crafting recipes and an array to store the information about which items you're trying to craft with.

When you drop an item on top of another item, the item's IDs are saved to the array and a function is called that begins the check as to whether those two items can make something.

The function runs a couple of validity checks to see if the IDs of the two picked items can create something according to a recipe. If a validity check is passed, the corresponding global boolean will be set to true.

If the two item IDs in the array match the two ideas stored in a recipe, then the new item is generated and the two used to make it are destroyed. Because all of the crafting items are just instances of the same object, we need to add in an extra check to make sure that only the objects used for crafting are destroyed. A Boolean variable on the items object solves this.

Two global variables store the value of the item ID for the item that is picked up and the one it's dropped onto. When the picked items have been confirmed to be part of a recipe, the global variables are use to set the correct Boolean variables to true. Then when destroying the objects, only those which have the Boolean set to true are actually destroyed. So if you have multiple copies of one type of item, only the one you've used will disappear!

This may become a tutorial, but the file needs a fair bit of tidying/commenting before it's a tutorial-level example. Depends how useful people think it is!

Enjoy your weekend!


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  • It's always so fun to see how your game is going! Every week I keep checking my account notifications until the blog post is released!

    Using JSON files and Global Variables is a smart idea for a crafting system! It's way smaller than simply having 50+ events for recipes.

    Can't wait for when you're done! I bet the finished game will be awesome!

    - Peace Of Cake Games

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      • Laura_D
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      Glad you're enjoying the blog posts! Work on the actual game has slowed somewhat while I build out these smaller projects to test the mechanics. So there will come a time soon where I have to shove them all together and hope they work!

      JSON is relatively new to me, but it's proving to be a really useful way to store data. So far it's being used in the dialogue and inventory systems, and I like how it fits into crafting so it'll probably end up in the final version of this system too!

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    Qual o preço que a Scirra cobra para vender jogo?

    Aguardo resposta.

  • Boa noite Laura_D.

    Tudo bem contigo?

    Espero que sim.

    Elaboro Jogos Educacionais.

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    Desde já agradeço sua atenção.

    Se cuida. Deus abençoe voce e sua família. Amém

  • This is awesome! I'm currently working on a cooking with over 40 events to match 6 different recipes. Hopefully this will help others who are looking to make games in this genre.

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      • Laura_D
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      I can definitely recommend JSON as a way of storing recipe data - helps keeps your events down too! Good luck with your project!