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The winner of the GAMEExConstruct competition is...



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After a month of competition, we're delighted to say the winners of the GAMEE Contest have been chosen! Here are your top six:

1st Place - Tamachi Jump

2nd Place - Don’t Trip the Teckel

3rd Place - Cats vs Dogs

4th Place - Greatest Element

5th Place - Waiting Planet

And we actually have two games tied for sixth place!

In Mexico Royale and Sunset Opacity

There were some great games submitted, and you guys have really done yourselves proud! This has been another fantastic competition, and we really hope you’ve enjoyed it. Congratulations again to our winners, GAMEE will be in touch with you soon.

Thanks to everyone who threw their hats into the ring!


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  • These games certainly do not send a message to pay the absorbent pricing for Construct 3. You guys need to seriously evaluate why you price it so high.

    • Hi Kosiam - I respectfully disagree :) Construct 3 and it's constant updates / bug fixes and new features added are worth every cent. The engine is the easiest I've ever used and the quickest way to make a (fully custom) game.

      I've tried most of the engines available, in my quest to find something I was happy with and I could trust. All I've encountered along the way was bugs / broken features and abandoned or half abandoned forums.

      It is very possible to create anything 2d and even faux 3d in Construct 3, and these games are a small representation of what Construct can do. There is also a big possibility that people using the engine to actually make money, don't always have the time to invest in participating in a contest.

      I'm subscribed to the Construct 3 business edition, and do not regret a cent I'm spending. The product I get in return for the money, is very much worth the price.

      Hope you understand that I don't mean to offend, just want to give another side to the story :)

    • *clap**clap**clap**clap*

    • I think it's priced high because you can make even more money off of it. For example, if I buy Construct 3 and make a game and sell it for $5 a copy, and 100 buy it, then BOOM I've made $500. Then, later on, 500 more people buy it so that's a total of $600. Minus what I paid for Construct 3, I've maid $500. Then more people buy it. That's one thing! Although then I don't have to pay again to make another game so BOOM there's an extra few thousand dollars from the other 10 games I made.

      P.S: This is an example only. I mean, I do have Construct 3, although I'm not even close to finishing my first game.

  • None of them work on a iPad Pro using chrome. Shoddy to say the least. (That is, the site is shoddy not the games!)

  • Although I did not won but I don't have any guilt, because I clearly know that what exactly is going on. I will prove my success in playstore. Just wait and watch GameeApp

  • Tried to keep my game as simple as possible and to the Gamee style. Most of the games on their app are extremely simplistic and easy to jump in and out of. Maybe mine was to simple, but here it is if anyone cares to try it.

    Its an endless runner I call Run Like Hell, you can destroy wooden crates to clear a path but the blue cargo crates do not break. The game will continue to speed up over time until you die. If you're on a keyboard you can use the left and right arrows and space to shoot.

    Run Like Hell

  • Is there a list of all submitted games?

  • Awesome!!! I'm in list... Thanks a lot!!! :)

  • Damn, that's amazing. I wish i knew this before.

  • I loved sunset opacity the most.

  • Great contest again, Congrats to the winners!

  • Games are not available in the site search field: gamee.com

    I searched the search field for the game "Tamachi Jump"

    It did not appear.

    None of these games appeared in search.

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