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  • 23 Oct, 2012
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This week we released Construct 2 r108.2, which has comprehensive integration with Windows 8. This includes app purchases & IAP, 'snap' view states, roaming data, sharing, live tiles, touch input and accelerometer/inclinometer input.

We first introduced experimental support for exporting Windows 8 apps all the way back in March, around the time of the Consumer Preview. Since then we've steadily improved our integration, culminating with the monetisation support in r108.2 - and just in time for the launch of Windows 8 on October 26th!

Exporting an existing game to Windows 8 should be relatively straightforward - our touch-enabled Space Blaster demo exports and runs as a Windows 8 app unmodified. By dropping in the Windows 8 object you can quickly add integration features like sharing, 'snap' view and purchases. Then, you more or less already have an app ready! We have more information in our guide How to make a Windows 8 app.

Publishing to Windows 8 is definitely something to consider. A major new platform can create something of a "goldrush" effect. While the store is new it is relatively empty, especially compared to the massively overcrowded iOS and Android app stores where it's hard to get noticed. Should Windows 8 be a great success, there could be a large audience looking at a small selection of apps. Getting in early has a chance of being a big win for pioneering developers. On the other hand there is a risk the platform won't take off - but considering the relatively small effort involved in submitting a Windows Store app, it seems well worth it.

So it's close, but there are still a few days to get your games ready and submit to the Store. If you get accepted we'd love to see your work so please let us know about it as well. We look forwards to seeing what you create!


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