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Working closely with the exceptionally talented Simplifilm for the last few months, we're proud to show you all our new Construct 2 promotional video!

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I'm here for the monkeys

To celebrate the launch of our new promo video we have 6 flying monkeys to give away, along with some Scirra stickers. We'll ship worldwide! (But we're not responsible if the monkeys get quarantined on the way).

How to win a monkey:

Retweet our Tweet here6 lucky retweeters will win a monkey!

Make games with Construct 2, a popular and powerful game maker:

— Scirra (@Scirra) September 1, 2014

Please note to be eligible to win you must have made at least 5 Tweets prior to this blog post, and your Twitter account must be at least 1 month old. Stickers will be distributed randomly to a few retweeters and a few people who comment on this blog post :)

Show your friends you use Construct 2

Post by Scirra.

If you use Construct 2 and like it, why not share the above Facebook post with them to let them know they can also make their own games!

A big thank you!

A huge thank you to the kind folks at Simplifilm who went above and beyond the call of duty to make this video for us. It's excellent, and if you're looking to get a promotional video made for your games or projects we would highly recommend them!

Competition rules

1. Closing date is 8th September at 12 noon London time

2. Twitter contest only valid for entry by people who've made at least 5 Tweets prior to this competition and Twitter account is at least 1 month old.

3. Scirra's decision is final, this competition is run in good faith and meant to be a bit of fun. Not everyone can win!

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