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  • 15 May, 2018
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A couple of months ago, we celebrated Construct 3's first birthday. Now we're delighted to say we've hit 100 releases! We feel this is a pretty significant milestone, and a lot has changed in those 100 builds.

Way back in March 2017, the first public beta build of Construct 3 was released to the public, r12. We know not everyone saw the first few releases, but we want to thank our team of alpha testers for handling the rough and ready versions 1 through 11 – you guys really helped us out!

Fast forward 88 builds later, and we've brought you more than 20 new features, including the Xbox Live plugin, complete and in-progress translations, a gorgeous new RPG demo project, and our mobile app build service. We’ve also made nearly 200 other additions and over 160 changes. We've made a number of performance improvements to the engine and more than 30 updates to the addon SDK too. Not to mention the 1500+ closed issues on Github. For just three developers, that's pretty good going!

So, what next?

Well, the current focus is on the brand new C3 runtime. This is a massive feature and will really boost the performance of Construct as an engine. We've already talked about several aspects of the new runtime, including its new architecture, improvements to behaviours and some shiny new text features. And, as of r100 Ashley has now finished porting over the rather awkward Multiplayer plugin to the new runtime, so it should all be downhill from here! (Famous last words.)

Talking of r100, if you want to know about all of the changes we've made in it, check out the release notes. And, if you're curious, the releases page allows you to look at lists of everything we've changed over the last 14 months!

We'd like to thank all of you who've been involved with Construct 3 so far; those of you who've tried every feature as soon as it's released, who've submitted loads of bug reports, championed us on Twitter or made tutorial videos for YouTube. We couldn't do this without you!

(So, if you fancy testing the new runtime, we'd really appreciate it! 😉)

Anyway, it's still full steam ahead here at Scirra HQ, and we still have a whole heap of stuff on the to-do list. But for now, let's celebrate Construct 3's latest milestone, and here's to 100 more! 🎉


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