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We're excited to announce that Super Ubie Land is now available in the Scirra store! Developed by NotionGames, we've been following it's progress keenly and are delighted that we have the opportunity to help them distribute their work.

This is our first game release in our store. We're thrilled to see such a well polished, fun and beautiful game made in Construct 2.

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Play the demo!

Want to try before you buy? Play the demo on the Scirra arcade!

Changes to the Store

We've also been making some changes to the store. As many of you know, Paypal for a long time was the primary payment method we accepted.

We're happy to announce that we're now using Stripe to process card payments on our store. Stripe allow us to accept debit/credit cards directly and the tools and support they offer are far more extensive athan Paypal.

You can still pay with Paypal if you have trouble paying with card or it's your preference, but it's now offered as an alternative secondary method.

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