Super Exciting New Competition!

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  • 31 Jul, 2015
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New Competition

It's been a while we know... but we're really excited to announce a new competition!

The theme of this game jam is Underground! Interpret this theme how you want! Looking for inspiration? Here's some ideas we brainstormed in Scirra HQ:

  • Cave exploring
  • Digging
  • Driving trains on the London Underground
  • Find something secret, buried treasure perhaps! Arrrrr!
  • Something to do with a jam jar being underground (literally underground jam, *drops mic*)

Prize Pool

Get ready, this going to be our best prize pool ever!

Don't forget, there's still 24 hours left to pick up a Personal Edition license in our sale... give yourself the best chance of winning these awesome prizes!

How to Enter

To enter, follow these steps:

Closing Date

The "Underground Jam" category will be closed for submissions on Friday 11th September at 12 noon London time.

Rules & Other Info

We will be judging the games on creativity, fun and use of the theme (underground).Feel free to enter as many times as you want!Prizes shipped via Amazon directly to winners address. If Amazon do not ship to winners address, best efforts will be made to find alternative suppliers who can ship directly. If this is not possible, winner must nominate an online store and we will provide vouchers of equal value for that store.

Raffle Winners

If you purchase a Construct 2 license in our currently running sale you were automatically entered to win some great prizes! Below are the winners of this raffle:

Business License Upgrade Winners

Congratulations to Scirra users jammycakes, Joanan, dylsyboyo, ForrestSJ and one anonymous user. You will shortly all be emailed a Business License upgrade!

Scirra Sticker and Badge Set Winners

Congratulations to Scirra users indigo4, SahilMalhan, Roliwonka, TUROcK, npbriant, MBlackwell95, techjunkie, chiricofilipante, Kumlin and beardman. We've emailed you a request for your postal address. Reply and we'll send you your prizes as soon as we can!

Rubber Band Pack Winner

Congratulations to Scirra user MHutto! You win a pack of elastic bands! You'll get an email from us shortly asking for your postal address.

The Sale is Still On!

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You still have around 24 hours left (correct at the time of publish!) to get a whopping 30% off Construct 2 Personal Edition licenses!

Don't miss out, we don't run these sales very often!


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