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  • 25 Aug, 2014
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We're very excited to announce the launch of our new store today!

The new store allows entrepreneurial game developers and artists to upload their assets and games to license and sell, and offers swathes of improvements over our previous store.

Royalty Free Licenses Galore!

Perhaps one of the best features of the new store is that all assets come under a Royalty Free License!

This license permits you to use the purchased asset in a single commercial project and unlimited non-commercial project without any restriction. You can read the full license text here.

No more having to trawl through different licenses or variations of licensing, it's all upfront, easy to understand and is not designed to restrict your creations in any way.

Exclusive Pricing

An exciting feature of our asset store is our exclusive pricing feature.

An exclusive price means the item is not currently being sold anywhere else (currently exclusive to the Scirra Store), and will cease to be sold forever when purchased at the exclusive price! (This includes being delisted from the Scirra store) The buyer at the exclusive price will own a license to use the asset royalty free on unlimited commercial projects forever!

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Check out 8-Bit Castle Adventure which has an exclusive price set

Lots of Currencies Accepted

To make it easier (and often less expensive) for customers wishing to buy from the store we accept 15 currencies. From Canadian Dollars to Chilean Pesos and Bitcoins to Brazillian Reals, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to use.

We can add more currencies as well if there's a demand! If you want to buy from our store but don't see your local currency, drop an email to us and we'll see if we can add it.

You can sell your assets!

We'd love for you to add your assets into our store. We have a multitude of categories (not just royalty free assets) such as:

  • Games - To sell your completed Construct 2 games to the world
  • Game Licenses - License your completed games to websites
  • E-Books - Sell your game dev related e-books here
  • Tools - For tools related to helping you make your games

We also have plans for other categories, and are always open to suggestions!

To get going click here and follow the instructions. Please note assets are subject to moderation from Scirra before they are listed.

Things we think you'll be interested in

We've been running a private beta of the new store for a while now, and our sellers have uploaded over 100 items which are now on sale! Here are a few of our favourites:

Spriter Early Adopter Sale


<a href="" target="_blank">


Spriter is a brilliant tool that compliments Construct 2 perfectly. The ultimate 2D animation and object creation tool! The developers are regulars on our forums and dedicated to making Spriter the best tool it can be! Read more here

Sheeky's Complete Collection

[Sound Effects]

<a href="" target="_blank">


An offer too good to pass up, over 2,200 sound effects! Sheeky's sound effects have been very popular so far with Construct 2 users. High quality and useful for just about any sort of game you might be making. Read more here

RPG Icon Pack 1


<a href="" target="_blank">


Over 1,300 16x16 RPG icons in two different styles! Beautiful and diverse icons that will look great in your games. Read more here

We hope you enjoy it

We hope you like our new store and perhaps even find something that will add quality to your games. We're always open to feedback and suggestions, and have some good new features and ideas we hope to implement in the near future.


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