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Scirra wins Best Game Creator award

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  • 1 Apr, 2014
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LONDON, UK - Scirra Ltd are proud to be winners of the 1st Annual International Best Game Creator Award 2014. The prestigious award ceremony, which was organised, sponsored and judged by Scirra Ltd, took place at Scirra's headquarters in south-west London this week. Despite a lack of nominations from other companies, judging went ahead and Scirra was enormously pleased to win with their nomination of the popular game development tool Construct 2.

"We've never actually won any awards before, so this is especially exciting and is a landmark development in the rise of Construct 2 as a major tool for indie game developers," remarked Ashley Gullen, Director, Scirra Ltd.

The president and judge of the Annual International Best Game Creator Award 2014, Ashley Gullen, also commented "Given the nominations, there really was no choice. We had to choose Construct 2 as the winner."

As a representation of the digital times in which we live, the prize comes in the form of a digital trophy taking advantage of the latest exciting lossless image compression technologies, a gold forum badge, and 25 rep.

"We couldn't be more pleased with the result, and we look forward to the 2nd Annual International Best Game Creator Award in 2015, which we have a good feeling about", added Ashley Gullen.

The latest version of Construct 2 can be downloaded from here. The Scirra press kit is available here. For further enquiries, please contact


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