Scirra Arcade reaches 1000 games

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  • 22 Jul, 2015
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About three months ago we announced the new Scirra Arcade with a raft of improvements and new features. We're delighted that since then we've already had 1000 submissions to the new Arcade, and well over a quarter of a million plays overall!

Some of the top games include There Is No Game (winner of DeceptionJam) with over 25,000 plays in under a month, the Robot 505 demo with over 500 hi-scores, the challenging Pixel Golf, compelling newcomers like Lectro, and a great many more. We're fascinated to see everything that is being published to the Scirra Arcade and look forwards to seeing everything else still to come!

All you need to submit a game to the Scirra Arcade is the latest stable release of Construct 2. You can also use leaderboards for hi-score submission with r207 and higher to add an extra competitive element. It's a great place to publish on the web since we host your game for free and it can get exposure to thousands of players! It can also help you with playtesting, promotion, publishing a demo, and getting feedback from players. We are thinking about other improvements we can bring in future, and we think we'll be ready to drop the "beta" tag soon. Stay tuned for more updates and in the mean time please keep your great games coming!


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