Scirra AMA (Ask us anything!) on Tuesday

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  • 26 Jan, 2018
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Hey folks, got some burning questions for the Scirra team? Well, good news! We’re doing an AMA over on our subreddit r/construct!

All of us will be getting involved to answer your questions, so come hang out on Reddit - the AMA will start at 1.30pm (GMT) Tuesday the 30th of January and we’ll be actively answering until about 7.30pm (GMT). After that we’ll still try and answer questions but it might take us a bit longer!

For those of you unfamiliar with AMAs, the acronym stands for Ask Me Anything. So we’ll have a post on reddit where you can leave comments with your questions! You can upvote (or indeed downvote) other users’ questions and the highest rates questions will get answered first!

We’ll explain a bit more in-depth who’s who and what sort of questions they’ll answer on the actual reddit thread, but we’ll give a quick rundown of who is involved and what they do with Scirra:

You all know about Ashley and Tom, so they don’t really need an introduction. But direct website questions to Tom and engine questions to Ashley. Questions about Scirra in general they’ll both be happy to answer!

Then we have Iain and Diego, our two developers - they can also answer editor questions. Iain is the man behind the new IAP and mobile adverts plugins and the mobile app build service, while Diego deals with the animations editor. Power user and support member Julien (you may know him as Kyatric) will also be on hand to answer questions!

And finally there is myself and Roger, our managing director. We may not be able to answer your technical questions, but business-y or community questions? We’ve got you covered!

That about covers it for now, we hope you’ll join us for our AMA!

P.S. Don’t forget, the Global Game Jam starts today and you’ll be able to use the full version of Construct 3 for free until Monday (January 29th.) Let us know if you’re getting involved!


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