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Yet again we were delighted to receive 48 entries to our competition which is far more than we anticipated and the general standard of entry has been very high! Well done to all participants and we hope you enjoyed making your games, we certainly enjoyed playing them! Without further ado, here's the top 3, and the user's choice trophy based on weighted votes. We've also included a sentence or two about our thoughts on each game so everyone gets a mention.

Without further ado...

1st Place - Airscape by Squiddster

<a href="http://www.scirra.com/arcade/addicting-rotary-games/848/airscape">


One of the best things about making a game engine is, on rare occasions, you see someone achieve something you have no idea how to do yourself – in your own engine! Quite how @sqiddster got gravity to follow your feet as you squelch around creatively shaped worlds is beyond me, and is something very few other entries did, let alone as naturally as Airscape does. The innovatively designed levels take you from a calm green haven to an epic snowy warzone, and I was completely hooked all the way to the end (although I can’t beat the darn boss!). It’s also hard as nails, but fast pace and rewarding with lots of relatively short levels. Beautifully designed and perfectly encompassing the all-angles aim of the competition, we’re proud to award Airscape the top prize!

2nd Place - ActRact Light by 0plus1

<a href="http://www.scirra.com/arcade/addicting-rotary-games/659/actract-lite">


The speed up/slow down is executed to perfection in this game! A very fun arcade style game that is extremely addictive.

3rd Place - GravSuit by DownInBlack

<a href="http://www.scirra.com/arcade/addicting-rotary-games/766/grav-suit">


A deep and beautiful puzzle game where you guide an astronaut through space wreckage. A great gameplay experience with not much to criticise.

Users Choice Trophy - Get the Girl by Jailson

<a href="http://www.scirra.com/arcade/addicting-rotary-games/808/get-the-girl">


Congratulations to Jailson for winning the user's choice trophy decided by everyone's votes and our weighted rating algorithm!

We're sorry to those who missed out on a prize but unfortunately there can only be a limited number of winners! We hope you all enjoyed making your games and we look forward to playing more in the future. You all win a contender badge however!

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