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News Roundup at Scirra

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  • 5 Sep, 2011
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The response from the early adopter licenses has been overwhelming and we would like to thank everyone for their comments and support! We also apologise for the few hiccups we did have, we think most are resolved now. We are aware of a couple of on-going issues which we hope to be fixed soon. If you bought a license and are having problems please do not hesitate to contact us! (

Ashley now has a new desktop PC which is good news for everyone. It's miles faster than his old laptop and should allow him to work even faster if that is possible! Look forward to lots more releases in the future. We spent a little bit of time designing it and decided to go for the Intel Core i5 3.10GHz Sandybridge processor, 8GB of RAM (it's so cheap nowadays might as well stick a lot in!), a very quiet fanless ATI Radeon 1024MB graphics card, a 64GB SSD drive (which are super super fast!) and a gigantic and spacious case to put it all inside!

I'm not sure if it is possible for Ash to work any faster!

In other news we also now have a new tutorial on how to make a Facebook game. If you have any other questions/problems making a Facebook app out of your games be sure to leave questions in the comments. We're also looking at the possibility of adding more native support for Facebook, keep an eye on this space!

We've also realised (took a little while for us to realise admittedly) that YouTube really is a great way to promote Construct 2. I've made a Construct 2 Promotional Video and think it works quite well! Let us know what you think and if you have any ideas for videos.

We've had quite a few questions regarding how long licenses will be available for. Just to clear this up, we are planning on selling them indefinitely so don't worry! For every early adopter you will now get a cool forum badge attached to your avatar. If you didn't get your badge send us an email with your transaction ID and forum username and we will make sure it's pinned to you :)


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