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  • 9 Jul, 2012
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We're very pleased to announce an exciting addition to the Scirra website, the brand new Scirra Store! We've simplified the process of buying a Construct 2 license and made it a lot easier to purchase licenses as gifts. The new store will also stock other various items that we think will be of interest to the indie game developer!

The Scirra Store Philosophy

The Scirra store aims to meet these following goals:

  • Only stock high quality items
  • Be upfront and transparent about the deals we have with content owners
  • Price items fairly, both for the content owners and customers

We've launched with a couple of items for sale, the first is a brand new Matt Oglesby music bundle:

<a title="Music for games" href="//" target="_blank">


And we also have just added an e-book by Rhys Davies on creating Isometric Pixel Art:

<a title="Isometric pixel art" href="//" target="_blank">


Do you have content you want to sell?

We're always going to be looking out for great new additions in the Scirra Store. If you have original content that you own the full rights to and would like to see it for sale in the Scirra Store, drop me an email to

We're interested in music, sound effects, background images, sprites... anything you can think of!

It's important to understand that we will only stock a select few items, so please don't be too dissapointed if we don't take up an agreement with you.

The future

We will be looking to gradually add items into our store going into the future. Keep an eye out on our Twitter and Facebook Page so you don't miss any new items!

A common complaint about HTML5 is the difficulty in monetisation of games you create. The new store is an excellent place to run some experiments, for example selling HTML5 games! Hopefully in the near future we will have some more news about this, and it will be exciting to see if it works out for everyone involved.


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