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New Faces!

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  • 6 Sep, 2016
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Seeing as apparently some people out there still think Scirra is just Ashley chained to a desk with an IV drip of Red Bull, churning out lines and lines and lines of code, we thought we’d tell you about two new people that have joined the team!

First up, we’ll introduce tame javascript developer, Iain Shorter. Iain has joined our team to help build bits and pieces including fancy features for Construct 3.

When he’s not occupied doing ‘typey-typey’ work here at HQ, retro-Nintendo fan Iain likes being creative - often dismantling perfectly good computers or plotting his next off the wall project! When we can peel him away from whichever game he’s currently playing that is.

Our second new addition, is our new social media geek Laura Donaghy. She’s now chief in charge of making us look cool (-ish) on the internet! If you interact with any of our channels: YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, chances are you’ll be talking to her. She’s in the process of overhauling our YouTube channel and will be asking for your opinions over on our forums so keep an eye out for that!

Laura is normally attached to one device or another, be it her phone, 3DS or oversized iPad and when she’s not at Scirra she can often be found at a racetrack or dancing around in her kitchen cooking something nice.

We're excited that Scirra is growing, and hope you all give a warm welcome to Iain and Laura!


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