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  • 19 Sep, 2013
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Written by Sarah Cornwell of appBackr, co-authored by Thomas Gullen of Scirra

Today there is a new opportunity for mobile developers on Scirra that has never existed before. For the first time, there's a way to monetize and distribute your app, through Scirra, with no additional effort. Scirra is now making it possible for you to sell your web apps and make money. Scirra has partnered with Tizen<sup>TM</sup> and appbackr Xchange so that with one click, developers can port their app over to the new Tizen platform. The app is then uploaded to through the Xchange developer portal and verified by Tizen.

Developers can make money with the new Scirra partnership two ways. First, all apps that are added to the program will be scanned by appbackr's proprietary appscore system. Apps that score high will get cash offers, as much as $250, just by clicking a button.

Money will be received when the submitted app is verified by the Tizen store. Second, your app can be a paid app in the Tizen App Store. Customers with the new Tizen<sup>TM</sup> smartphones will download your apps, when the store opens later this year.

What is Tizen?

Tizen is the new mobile operating system set to launch this year. Tizen is an open-source and standards-based software, based on HTML5. The platform was created through a partnership of some of the biggest names in the technology space &mdash; Samsung, Intel and Linux. The first Tizen smartphones will be released in November and these devices need apps, great apps. Developers who port their apps to Tizen<sup>TM</sup> will get distribution as the first apps on the Tizen platform.

Step in appbackr and Scirra. appbackr is curating apps for the Tizen platform with our Xchange platform. Scirra has built an integration with appbackr into its development platform allowing developers to be part of this new operating system with huge opportunity and growth potential.

How to get started

The next release of Construct 2 will have an export option to submit to appBackr in a few easy clicks. In the meantime, you can submit your arcade games!

Any game you upload to the arcade or already exists in the arcade can be submitted to appBackr in a few simple clicks! Have you uploaded your games to the arcade? Start submitting your games now! We know that the current arcade has a few limitations on it so it is not possible to submit all your games, but stay tuned for updates addressing this issue over the next week.

Scirra apps will be among the first apps featured on Tizen. Please note, offers are non-exclusive basis, unless otherwise negotiated.

Free edition users

One limitation of the free edition is you are not permitted to make money from your creations. However the good news is we're willing to make an exemption going into the future for submitting to appBackr. If you're using the free edition, you are now permitted to submit your game to appBackr. This will be an available option in the next Construct 2 release.

Terms and conditions

You can read the full terms and conditions from appBackr.


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