Launching Construct 2 licenses and r51

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  • 22 Aug, 2011
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Welcome to the new blue site! We've got a lot new for you today.

First of all, early adopter licenses are now on sale! Get 'em while they're cheap - the standard license is 50% off, only &pound;19 / &euro;23 / $32 via Paypal. (We're working on some alternative payment options in case Paypal doesn't work in your country.) There's also lots of sprites, music, sound effects and ambience thrown in to the bargain. We're also launching the Construct 2 Free Edition. To find out how it all works, see How Construct 2 licenses work.

There's also the newly released Construct 2 r51. It has nearly 30 bug fixes, and lots new to try out. One of my favourites is the new System 'Wait' action. Here's a tutorial on how to use it. Note your licenses will only work with r51.

We've also rewritten several parts of the site. Have a browse and see what we've done!

Construct 2 can already make exciting 2D games. Try the new Space Blaster demo. You can also download the Construct 2 project to see how it was done. Remember: it was done with no programming, and no Flash!

We hope these developments are exciting. We're always listening so as always let us know what you think!


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