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  • 30 Jan, 2018
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Hi everyone, just a quick reminder that our AMA on reddit has begun and will be running until 19.30GMT today! (January 30th)

You can ask us anything and everything, whether it’s about the Construct engines, the Scirra story, or what the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow is. Now is your chance to find out!

Below, is a list of everyone’s reddit handles as well as a quick summary of what they do, so you can ask the right people the right questions!

/u/ThomasGullen and /u/AshleyScirra

These two are Scirra. Tom and Ashley founded the company back in 2011, and have been developing it ever since! Tom is the brains behind the website, while Ashley develops the engine itself.

/u/Nepeo and /u/DiegoScirra

Meet Iain and Diego, our two other developers, these guys can help answer some of your technical questions. If you want to talk about plugins, like IAP or Mobile Ads, or the mobile app build service, tag Nepeo (Iain). If you’d prefer to ask about the animations editor tag (Diego)


Julien is one of Construct’s power users and one of the voices of Scirra support. He’s been using Construct for years, so is a good person to ask about all manner of Construct-related things!


This is Roger, our managing director. Roger looks after business-y things and if you tag him with a question about something technical, he will answer you, but we can’t guarantee it will be correct!


And me, /u/DrSquidge. I’m Scirra’s community manager and am chief in charge of looking after social media and assorted marketing things.

All of us will be getting involved to answer your questions, we’re starting at 1.30pm (GMT) and will be actively answering until about 7.30pm (GMT). If you can’t join us for the AMA, don’t worry - we won’t lock the thread for a while, so you can still ask your questions and we’ll answer them when we can! You could leave them here in the comments, but they might get missed so be careful!

That about covers everything we need to say, so ask away, pay attention to the subreddit rules and we’ll answer as best we can!

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