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Here we go everyone, the two week long Construct 3 GameJam has begun! You've now got the full version of Construct 3 to use for free until the 28th of May and we can't wait to see what you come up with.

The theme for the Jam is Good Things Come in Threes. That could be anything, three little pigs, the three wise men, three days to save the world from total nuclear annihilation... It's your interpretation, so give us something cool!

We've not put many restrictions on the Jam, but the main rules are:

  • All games must be made in Construct 3
  • Your game must be based on material you have rights to, for example you can't use Mario sprites.
  • Your game must not contain unlicensed audio / music.
  • You may enter as a team, but we do only have one license as a prize, so you'll need to decide who gets that.

For submissions you'll need to register an account on Newgrounds and then submit it here. From there you can upload a ZIP file containing your game, and tag it with C3Jam so it will be easy to find! Nice and simple.

The top three games will win their creators a year's personal license for Construct 3 and a one year honorary Supporter status on Newgrounds. The overall best game may also be featured on the home page of Newgrounds! You can read Newgrounds announcement here.

Use all of Construct 3's features

For the duration of the gamejam, you can use all of Construct 3's features! To re-cap, this includes things like:

Our mobile app build system is nearly ready, but unfortunately we've not quite managed to get it running in time for this jam. We're working hard to make it available very shortly, and it will be open for use by everyone during the jam as well. We'll let you know as soon as it's available!

Apart from that, if you've been waiting to try out cool new features like Remote Preview, or just want to go wild with hundreds of events, now's your chance to go for it! Two weeks of all of Construct for free — what are you waiting for? Get going with Construct 3 now!

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