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Construct Team Founder

Hello everyone!

Over the last few months we've been working hard on updating our game development tutorials system on our website. In summary, what we've done is:

Below I'll go over some of the new features and how you can submit your own tutorials and courses on our website.

Writing a Tutorial

Anyone can write a tutorial! We now have two types of tutorials, video tutorials and written tutorials. We also accept tutorials in any language unlike the previous tutorial system.


If you see a tutorial you'd like to translate, you can also submit a translation of it. Simply copy and paste the URL to the tutorial you're translating into this box on the submit a tutorial page:

This will then show on the left menu of the tutorial you've translated once completed:

De-Indexed Tutorials

Tutorials can be de-indexed. This means that the tutorial will not appear in the "Browse tutorial pages" on the main website or in search results.

This is useful for courses. You may have a set of 7 videos where one video on its own doesn't make sense, but it makes sense when grouped together in a course with the others. Read more about how courses work next!

Tutorial Courses

Tutorial courses are like playlists of tutorials. They can be a mix of video and written content and can be grouped under headers like our Beginning Game Development With Construct course:

For each tutorial you add to the course, you can add a short description describing how this tutorial fits into the course and what the visitors can expect to learn from the tutorial.

Anyone can create their own course and the course can include tutorials from any author!


All tutorials on Scirra.com now have been moved to Construct.net, but don't worry all your old bookmarks will continue to work such as scirra.com/tutorials/73/fr (a French translation of Ashley's supporting multiple screen sizes tutorial)

You might find some tutorials no longer display properly or have other issues, if you do find examples of these please do create a new bug report.

Finding Tutorials

Tutorials can be tagged, if you click the tag you can browse all tutorials with the same tag. For example on the publishing tag:

We've also added a much improved tutorial search feature that allows you to search for keywords and filter the types of tutorials that are returned.

Found a Bug?

If you find a bug on the tutorials sytem - like Construct 3 we're using Github to manage the bug reports. Please report all bugs here.

Thanks for Reading!

We have over 2,000 tutorials (includes translations) on our website, it's a wealth of information useful to anyone who uses Construct. We look forward to seeing more tutorials and courses in the future!


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