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  • 17 Jul, 2012
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One common criticism we receive with Construct 2 is that "you can't make money with HTML5". Granted that options for monetisation with HTML5 games are currently more limited than alternatives such as Flash, but we firmly believe that it's simply a matter of time. New startups in this space are starting to emerge addressing this pressing demand for HTML5 game developers, one of which is marketJS. A website that aims to connect HTML5 game developers with publishers.

Ben Chong the founder of marketJS was kind enough to take some time out of his day to answer a few questions about marketJS and publishing HTML5 games.

Hi Ben, thanks for taking the time to talk about marketJS!

My pleasure!

How did the idea for marketJS come about?

I've made a bunch of HTML5 games in the past, and gotten offers by larger companies to license them. Back then, to meet a publisher, you had to scour the internet for names, manually email them or meet at expensive game events.

I thought to myself, there's got to be a better way where devs can meet publishers, show their games and seal the deal. Soon enough, I gathered some resources, set up a team and we started building a platform that we, the developers wanted to use.

How do you think marketJS can help Construct 2 users and other HTML5 game developers?

There are many ways to monetize HTML5 games, but almost ALL of them involve putting your games up with 1,000,000 other competing games. The App Store has 1000 new games published each day. How do we rise above the pile and have a unique voice?

marketJS helps Construct2 developers avoid having to think about how to sell a game. That job is handed over to publishers, who have far more resources, a specialized team and statistics to back their decisions. They might publish on the App Store, or Google Play, or one of their many distribution channels that you've never even heard of.

Do you think that publishing arrangements like this are important for HTML5?

It's important if your game is good! Not every good game gets noticed, and it's our job to connect you with the right publisher who can propel your game to success.

It's important for HTML5 because people are demanding for games that run across multiple platforms.

Do you think a publishing agreement is suitable for every type of HTML5 game?

Yes, as long as it's well-designed and runs excellent. If you plan to grab attention from top tier publishers, having social elements in your games will help.

How do publishing agreements compare to other monetisation options like adverts and in-app purchases?

Right now, a good game can be licensed for about $500-800 on a non-exclusive basis, to an unlimited amount of publishers. A great game will easily fetch north of $2000 on an exclusive deal. These are upfront payments which land into your bank account the moment you sign the deal. We expect the prices to increase over time as the demand for HTML5 games skyrocket.

marketJS is currently 100% free, how do you intend to monetise in the future?

In the near future, we'll be rolling out premium accounts for developers and publishers. As a premium developer, you'll get additional functionality and tools to help facilitate deals. More details coming!

marketJS will always be free to use, even for non-premium accounts.

What is a typical publishing agreement for an HTML5 game?

Typical agreements are exclusive (sell to only 1 publisher), non-exclusive (sell to multiple publishers) and revenue share deals.

The first two agreements normally involve the publishers paying you money upfront, via wire transfer or Paypal.

The third (revenue share) is more of a long term agreement based on how much traffic the game will get once it's published. You typically get a check from the publisher each month based on the revenue split agreed upon. A top HTML5 developer recently made 4 figures under a revenue share agreement, from one game.

Have any agreements been established yet on marketJS?

We don't really disclose deals, but I can say that a developer just closed a good 4-figure deal for two games. It took him two weeks to build both games.

What do you think the future holds for marketJS and HTML5?

We're at the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot more room to explore, and a lot more features to build for the community. We're constantly listening to users for what they want. HTML5 games will eventually be ubiquitous, and we hope to be around when that happens.

Do you have a blog?


If you've recently exported one of your Construct 2 games and want to try connecting with a publisher visit and submit your games for free! If you manage to secure a deal, make sure you email us to let us know!


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