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  • 4 Apr, 2013
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We've been working on upgrading the tutorials section of our website over the last few weeks, and it brings a lot of changes we'd like to make you all aware of!

Visual Improvements

We've rolled out lots of visual changes over the last few weeks which should make browsing and reading tutorials a lot easier. Tutorials are now assigned to specific categories which you can browse and filter.

Creative Commons

All new tutorials are now licensed under Creative Commons (attribution required).

The CC license notice you will see on most tutorials

This should be good news for everyone! It means that if you see a tutorial with this notice on it you are free to share, copy and distribute the tutorial on your own websites, publications etc.

It's very important to note that there are a couple of conditions you will need to meet if you do wish to take advantage of the CC license. Full information can be found here, but in summary you will need to provide a link to the original tutorial on this website and a link to the original authors profile.

If you have a question about the CC license, we're always happy to clarify by email for you! Send a message to support and we'll get an answer to you as quickly as we can.


One of the biggest features we've introduced is translations — every tutorial can now be translated into almost any language!

The beginner's guide is now available in Italian and Polish

If you would like to submit a translation (and we'd be thrilled if anyone would be able to do so!) simply login to your account, find the tutorial you wish to translate and click "Translate this Tutorial" on the left menu.

It's important to note that by design a tutorial must be submitted in English first before it can be translated. We don't currently accept new tutorials not written in English.

If you want to translate a tutorial but your language is not available as an option, send an email to us and we'll add it to the list right away!

Translation Quality

Translations should be considered "continual works in progress". If a low quality translation is submitted for a tutorial - that's OK! It serves as a good starting point, and hopefully other translators can offer small edits to bring up the quality. If you spot errors, click "Edit this translation" on the left and submit your changes.

Translation Rewards

There are 3 new badges [1], [2] and [3] badges for translations. We hope to introduce a few more badges in the coming weeks.


We now offer a few email subscription options so you can keep up to date on the latest tutorials.

You can subscribe to authors, categories and languages

To subscribe to an author, view one of their tutorials and click the checkbox down the left menu. You can subscribe to languages and tags from the left menu on this page.

Every time a new tutorial is submitted that meets one of your requirements you'll be sent an email letting you know it's available. If for example you are a native German speaker, you might be interested in all new German tutorials that are submitted.

Reporting Tutorials

A lot of people requested the ability to report tutorials that are spammy or lack quality.

You can report a tutorial from the link at the bottom of the page (just above the comment section)

If you now come across a tutorial you believe does not meet basic quality expectations, is spam, offensive, duplicate or factually incorrect you can now report it and it should be dealt with quickly! Reporting tutorials is the best way to help keep the quality of content on this website up.

Up/Down votes

Upvoting and downvoting tutorials has been replaced with a 'favourite' button. Click this button and the tutorial will appear on your list of favourite tutorials.

Later on...

We hope you enjoy these changes and they are useful! We'll be watching the tutorials pages carefully over the coming weeks to make sure everything works as intended. Our intention is to roll a lot of these features out in the future to the manual section on our website.

Thanks for reading! Any suggestions or comments about the changes are welcomed in the comments below.


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