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Global Game Jam with Construct 3

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  • 23 Jan, 2018
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We know GGJ is a massive event every year, so for this year we’ve decided to open up Construct 3 to let you use it in the jam! From Friday 26th to Monday 29th, you’ll be able to use the full version of Construct 3 for FREE! Wahoo!

For those of you who haven’t come across the Global Game Jam, it’s a worldwide in-person jam that is taking place in over 95 countries! From the GGJ page:

“The GGJ brings together talented individuals from within your community. It is a unique opportunity for people to push their skills and challenge their way of working. Participants work concurrently with developers around the globe; we rally around a central theme, and then have 48 hours to create a game. It's our hope that we will see some very experimental realized prototypes that you can continue to work on after the jam. Many games developed in previous Game Jams have become fully realized games. The GGJ is open source, hardware & software agnostic and all projects are protected under a Creative Commons license. We encourage people to try out new ideas and push themselves, within reason. We also strongly encourage participants to remember to eat and sleep, to stay at their best!”

The Jam kicks off at 5pm - that’s local time for wherever you may be, and will run for roughly 48 hours from that point. There’s a single globalised theme which will be announced at 5pm in each timezone - don’t tell anyone until the last region (Hawaii) has been told! Plus, you can keep up with all the goings-on with the official hashtag #GGJ18.

Do tell us if you’re joining the Jam, we’d love to see your creations. Share them on our Facebook page, Twitter (use the hashtags #Construct2 or #Construct3) or in our subreddit r/construct!

And even if you’re not joining the Global Game Jam, we hope you enjoy this opportunity to try Construct 3 in full.

Have fun!


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