GGJ19 Wrapped Up - You Guys Rock!

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  • 7 Feb, 2019
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Global Game Jam is done for another year, and you guys have created some cracking games.

More than 250 games made in Construct 2 and 3 were submitted to this year's Global Game Jam, which we think is a fantastic effort by you lot. It's lovely for us to see so many of you using Construct like this! The theme for 2019 was What home means to you and there's all sorts in that list of games from a platformer about a vengeful cat, to an asymmetrical co-op game about surviving in the woods, to a game about diffusing conversations at the family dinner table - and that's just the first page!

According to GGJ, 2019 was another record-breaking year:

On Sunday February 3rd, we had a look at the GGJ games page for games made in Construct and there were 252 submissions. That means you guys raised a fantastic $2520 for Special Effect. That’s amazing work!

If you did submit a game using Construct to GGJ, why not share a link in the comments so the community can see your brilliant work? And if you missed this year’s fun, or just want to get excited for next year, then pencil in the dates for #GGJ20 – Friday January 31st to Sunday February 2nd 2020!

We hope you guys enjoyed this year’s Global Game Jam, and if you gave the full version of Construct 3 a try, we really hope you had fun with it. Keep your eyes peeled, we might have some plans to do this all again!


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