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Take Your Game to the Next Level

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  • 22 Sep, 2016
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Your game is your baby. The hours spent making it perfect sometimes rival those spent working a day job. Even the casual creator desires his end product to capture a specific vision. With all this effort spent making your perfect game, please, don’t skimp on sound. Music is crucial.

Scoring a game is often overlooked. And why not; we make games, not music. But consider this: Music and sounds add context and depth to games. Music builds excitement, sets a scene, and marks achievement. While music will not secure the success of a game, it will make a difference.

Cue Stagelight.

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With minimal effort, Stagelight turns you into a music scoring machine. Get ready to level up. Stagelight is the Easy Way to Create Music. You cannot fail. Choose your music style to get started. Styles span from rock, to hip-hop, to edm, you’re sure to find the right fit. Three clicks into Stagelight and a song starts to take form. Fifteen minutes in and you may have your perfect game theme. Everything you make in Stagelight is yours and royalty-free. Want feedback? One-click sharing lets you test the waters before committing. The process couldn’t be easier.

Better yet, do it all for free. The team at Open Labs wants you to make great music for your great game. For a limited time only all Scirra users can get Stagelight CORE, for free. Use the promo code SCIRRA and get started. There’s no excuse. Think of how much better your game will be with its own, unique, sound. Your game needs this, you need this.

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