Game Assets and Construct 2 Bundle Sale!

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  • 22 Sep, 2015
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This sale is now over!

Scirra Bundle Sale!

Emergency, emergency! Someone call the hambulance! We've fried our best to come up with some squealy awesome time-limited Asset Bundles in our store. (Ok, ok, no more pig puns!)

Buying bundles not only supports Scirra's efforts for world domination, but also third party sellers on our store who often work tirelessly to produce amazing quality assets for you to use in your games!

You can get 33% to 50% off Construct 2 with some of these bundles. If you already own Construct 2, you can get great discounts on Business Upgrades as well, or you can just pick up the assets by themselves! Take a look at what we've got on offer:

Over 1,5000 Royalty Free sound effects for your games! Save over $100 USD*!

Price range ~$132 to ~$312 USD*

A selection of the best selling assets from the Sound FX Pig bundle.

Price range ~$52 to ~$253 USD*

29 music asset packs, all royalty free! Give your games the music they deserve!

Price range ~$114 to ~$294 USD*

A selection of some of the best selling music assets from the Music Pig bundle.

Price range ~$21 to ~$222 USD*

So much royalty free graphical goodness! Make some awesome looking games with these!

Price range ~$151 to ~$331 USD*

A smaller selection of some of the best selling assets in the Pig Graphics bundle.

Price range ~$54 to ~$255 USD*

THIRTY FIVE templates! Learn from some of the best with the amazing royalty free templates.

Price range ~$180 to ~$360 USD*

A smaller selection of some of the best selling templates in the Pig Templates bundle.

Price range ~$57 to ~$258 USD*

Not used Spriter yet? You're missing out! Pick it up with some amazing art packs!

Price range ~$110 to ~$290 USD*

Or perhaps you want the whole lot!

Buy the Big Pig Bundle and get ALL the assets in the above bundles, as well as a whopping 50% off Construct 2 Personal Licenses or Business License Upgrades!

This is the big one! Contains all assets in the other bundles and over $280 USD* of savings. We'll also send you some Scirra Merchandise if you pick up the Big Pig!

Price range ~$684 to ~$834 USD*

If you buy the Big Pig Bundle, we'll also send you FIVE sets of these awesome badges and stickers:

Still not sure?

The Piglet Bundle has a few of the best selling items in our store!

A smaller selection of some amazing assets that feature in the above bundles.

Price range ~$103 to ~$304 USD*

We hope you find something you like!

If not, there's always plenty of other bundles to take a look at, and there's almost always something on sale in our store!

We'll be shutting the above promotional bundles down on the 29th September, so if you're planning on porking one up make sure you don't wait too long!

* Correct at time of publishing, could change on availability or exchange rate changes. Store base currency is GBP.


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