Early Adopter Period to End Soon

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  • 5 Jan, 2012
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The early adopter period where you can buy a Construct 2 license for as little as $32 is going to be ending in 2 weeks. That means on the 19th January we will be raising the price of Construct 2 to reflect the more completed nature of Construct 2.

We are well aware that there are a couple of important features missing. We are aiming to have families completed by the end of the early adopter period. And improvements to the image editor will be added in the weeks following. We’re very excited that we have a full and complete manual and have been receiving good feedback on it. We’ve also launched our HTML5 arcade which gives you a free place to show off your creations. There’s lots more on the way as well!

The new prices

We estimated that the final release prices would be $65 for the standard edition and $169 for the business edition. However since then we’ve sat down and crunched the numbers, the new prices will be £49 for the standard edition (around $79) and £229 for the business edition (around $365). Unlike some competitors, these prices are one off costs. You own Construct 2 forever with a single payment!

Don’t forget, you still have 2 weeks left to purchase the early adopter edition and make some big savings.

We believe these prices represent real value for money. The one off charge for the standard edition is still cheaper than some of our competitor's recurring yearly fees! And don’t forget, the business edition is only required if you are an individual who has made over $5,000 in revenue, or are using Construct 2 in an official for profit organisation.

With Construct 2 as well you retain total rights to your games. We don’t force you to publish through us.

Looking forward

We look forward to 2012 for Scirra. We’ve been pushing out features at breakneck pace and have led the way with some new and exciting features (WebGL and WebFonts for example). We have lots more to come and buckets of ideas. If you picked Construct 2, you’ve picked a tool that is often setting the trend.

Also, look forward to another official Scirra competition coming soon! We will be announcing it soon. Lots of great games and prizes to be played and won!

A big thank you

All you early adopters have been brilliant! We are very grateful for the support you have given us at the early stages of Construct 2 and all the feedback you have given us which has helped shape Construct 2 into the product it is today.


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