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Demonoire - New bundled RPG for Construct 3



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Introducing "Demonoire" - An RPG for Construct 3

A few Constructors have been working laboriously for months coming up with a new RPG template that will be included for free within Construct 3!

Free Edition users will be able to look around and preview the game to see how it's made, but you will need a paid plan if you wish to use any of the assets in your games or make changes to the game.

Jojo's Hut

Jojo's hut is where you can upgrade your cloak or sword, buy potions and have dialogue with Jojo!

Enter the Dungeon

The dungeon entrance is where you go and fight the monsters, loot the gold and work your way to the end to rid the world of the final evil!

Easy to Modify

The game has been designed to be easy to modify and well structured so will also serve as an excellent resource for you to learn from.

Final Boss

There is a final boss - but we're not going to show you what he looks like! You'll have to play through to reveal him! Good luck not getting smashed!

Download Demonoire Now

Demonoire will be included in the next beta of Construct 3, until then you can download the .c3p project file directly:


All assets are provided Royalty Free to Construct 3 users under a few conditions. Please read the included license text file for more information. Assets must be used as part of a greater creative work, must not be used outside of any software other than Construct 3 and cannot be distributed/redistributed or sold separately.

A big thank you...

To Matthew Gruber, Henrique Lazarini and Christopher Moore for their amazing work! We hope you all enjoy the example RPG template!


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