DeceptionJam Winners, Plastic Carrot awarded!

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  • 10 Jul, 2015
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The and Scirra Deception Jam is over, and the results are in! You can view all the entries here and give them a go.

There was a wide variety of interpretations of the theme which was great, especially for such a challenging theme! Well done to everyone that entered, and don't be disappointed if you didn't pick up a prize this time. I'm sure there will be more game jams in the near future :)

Let's not delay any longer, I'm sure you're all dying to know if you've won the plastic carrot or not!

First Place

There Is No Game. Congratulations, you won the whammy! An Xbox one, a game of your choice, Scirra swag, a Business License and a flying monkey are all coming your way :)

This game has already been played over 250,000 times on Newgruonds, and nearly 10,000 times on our Scirra arcade! Awesome work!

Second Place

Iteration. Congratulations! A Business Edition license and some Scirra swag are on their way :)

Third Place

Ferret in the Treasure. Wohoo! You also get a Business Edition license and some Scirra swag!

Fourth Place

Attack of Crazy Folks. You've won a Business Edition license and some Scirra swag!

Fifth Place

It Needs Care. A Business Edition license and some Scirra swag are on their way!

Runner Ups

All these listed runner ups win a $10 Scirra store voucher! Hopefully you'll be able to find some cool assets to use in future games!

Did you win?

We'll be emailing the winners early next week or over the weekend to arrange delivery of prizes.

Thanks to all who entered!

We appreciate how much work goes into making games and publishing them! It's amazing so many of you take the time to enter, and even if you didn't win we hope you'll still enter the future jams :)

And a big thank you to Tom Fulp of Newgrounds and Kyatric of Scirra for the judging process!

Well, I guess that's it!

Nothing else to say!

Thanks for entering everyone!

Plastic Carrot!

Whoopsy daisy! Nearly forgot about the Plastic Carrot! It is of an exceptionally average quality. It is a 100% real artificial carrot, and the winner of this legendary piece of fictile vegetation was not picked lightly!

Odessa was the game chosen! Congratulations, your carrot is on its way!


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