Construct 2 Sale + Raffle!

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  • 28 Jul, 2015
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It's been a while since we've run a sale, so we're excited to announce there's 30% off until Saturday on Construct 2 Personal Edition Licenses!

Buy Before Friday and win treasure!

Buy your license before Friday and you'll be entered into a special Scirra raffle!

Go Business!

FIVE people who purchase a Personal Edition license in our sale will be upgraded to Business Edition Licenses worth $299.99 USD! Insanity!

Scirra Merchandise

TEN people who purchase a license will be randomly picked to receive a set of Scirra Stickers and our esteemed Scirra piggy badges! Bonkers!

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Rubber Bands!

ONE lucky shopper will win 30 thick rubber bands! Delicious!

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We've got a Scirra competition coming up...

Details will be announced on Friday, but we're hoping it will be our biggest and best ever!

Prizes galore and an interesting theme with ample time to make something awesome. So if you want to have the best chances of winning a piece of the pie now is a great time to buy. Wicked rhymes!

Windows 10 Support

Did you know that Windows 10 official release day is the 29th? (Tomorrow!) Construct 2 r209 adds support for publishing Windows 10 store apps, and r210 improves compatibility with the new Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10, so getting a license will help you publish for this new platform!

Don't miss out

We don't often run sales on Personal Edition licenses, so don't miss out this time round! Get 30% off a Personal Edition license today. Remember, all updates to the Construct 2 editor are free for life and this is a one off payment, you buy it and it's yours!


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