Construct 3 public beta now available!

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  • 28 Mar, 2017
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We are very excited to be able to finally launch the public beta for Construct 3!

Why we are running a public beta

As thrilling as it is to launch a new product and share it with the world, the main aim of the public beta is to find and fix as many issues as possible. This will likely include a lot of bugs, but will also involve smoothing out any user interface or user experience issues. We are still working on some features, too. On top of that we're going to be listening carefully to everyone's feedback and working hard to make Construct 3 the best it possibly can be. So please give it a spin and let us know what you think! And if you run in to any problems, please do let us know as well. We have a Construct 3 forum section for all feedback.

What to expect

Please be aware this is is an early release. It should not be considered representative of the final product. The early stage of a major software release is likely to be buggy, or have oversights or some missing features. Things will likely improve quickly though. Also it does not necessarily mean all decisions made are final; we still may choose to make significant changes before the end of the public beta.

To help protect your work from any stability issues at this early stage, please be sure to back up your work regularly!

What the beta includes

Our aim is to get lots of testing done and receive general feedback. Construct 3 is also not on sale yet. So for the public beta we are making the Free Edition of Construct 3 available. This has limits and several features are unavailable. However we will be making the fully-licensed version available for one week during the Newgrounds Gamejam from May 15th-21st! We aim to have subscriptions on sale when that week ends, by which time we should have found and fixed any last issues relating to subscriber-only features.

How to use the beta

Construct 3 requires Chrome 57+. This recently became the lastest stable version. If your system hasn't updated yet, you can usually manually update by opening the Chrome menu and selecting Help → About Google Chrome. On mobile, check for updates in the Google Play Store. If you still can't update, try installing Chrome Beta.

You can log in to Construct 3 (and the website) with the same username and password you use here on

We'd like to point out one especially useful feature of Chrome that makes it easier to use Construct 3: in the Chrome menu, try selecting More tools → Add to desktop (or Add to shelf on Chrome OS, or Add to homescreen on mobile). Be sure to tick Open as window if the option is there. This creates an icon for Construct 3 on your desktop or home screen that lets you use Construct 3 like any other app. It also removes the browser address bar and UI, which saves space on your screen for more of Construct 3! And don't forget Construct 3 works offline too, so the icon will continue to work wherever you go or whatever happens to your Internet connection.

Let me at it!

Ready to go? We're launching a whole new website over at It's still a work in progress, but we'll be updating it regularly throughout the beta. If you want to jump directly to Construct 3, just click the link below.

We hope you enjoy using Construct 3!


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