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Construct 2 Price Increasing on 12th March



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On March 12th 2018, we will be increasing the price of Construct 2. As we've always done, we're publishing these increases to our blog to make our customers aware in advance. The new prices will be as follows:

Personal Upgrade Business
USD $199.99 $299.99 $499.99
GBP £139.99 £219.99 £359.99
EUR €159.99 €239.99 €399.99

These new prices will also increase on third party stores where we distribute licenses, such as Steam.

License Upgrades for Existing Customers

Customers who purchased Construct 2 before or on March 12th 2018 will be entitled to upgrade their Personal Edition license on the current upgrade prices which are currently:

Personal to Business Upgrade
USD $299.99 (No change)
GBP £179.99
EUR €229.99

Who will this affect?

This price increase will only affect new customers to Construct 2, and not existing ones who already have a lifetime license to Construct 2 and who have the option to upgrade to Construct 2 business licenses at the pricing that was advertised when they purchased the Personal License.

Why are we increasing price?

It was always in our plans to at some point increase the price of Construct 2 when Construct 3 was released. Our focus is to encourage new customers to buy Construct 3 and not Construct 2.

This is simply a price increase for Construct 2, and will have no material effect on current Construct 2 users.

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