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Construct 3 Plans Now Available For Purchase!



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Between social media, the Gamejam and oodles of bug reports, we’ve been blown away by the amount of support you guys have shown for C3 and it’s really appreciated! Your feedback is what helps us to improve Construct 3, and if you decide to purchase a plan, you’ll be helping us even more!

You can check out the available plans over on construct.net’s pricing page.

Currently we are only accepting payments via credit/debit card online. Paypal is on its way, but will take a few months before we can make it available.

Construct 2 License Holder?

If you own a Personal or Business Edition Construct 2 license you're entitled to 50% to 100% off your initial payment for Construct 3! Woohoo! Head on over to your discounts page and enter your Construct 2 license hash to claim.

If you run into problems or purchased your license on Steam, send us your Construct username and proof of purchase to support@construct.net and we'll help you out.

You’ll notice we’ve still got the beta label on.

That’s because we are still working on a few things, which will appear over time. For instance right now there is no manual or official basic tutorials for Construct 3. These are not something we’ve had the time to address yet - but it is coming, we know how vital it is!

Once things begin to settle and our intrepid developers can pause their epic bug squashing quests, then work will start on some nice new features for C3 (and C2!) But we’ll talk more about those later.

In the mean time, we hope you enjoyed the Gamejam and the trial period for Construct 3, and we can’t wait to see what you guys do with the full edition!

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