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  • 8 Jun, 2013
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We're excited to announce our educational section on our website. We've always known that Construct 2 used in educational can be an invaluable tool — helping students engage in learning from the moment they open the editor in a relevant and exciting way. We've written before about how we think Construct 2 can be used to teach programming concepts, invaluable skills in todays world.

Using Construct 2 as a tool to teach game development in classrooms comes with a host of benefits (many we know seasoned Construct 2 users are already aware of!). Not only can you learn to build games and learn programming concepts, with Construct 2 you can also learn about working in teams, publishing, marketing, design, logic, maths, Javascript — the list goes on!

For a lot of schools the price has been a factor that has been holding them back from investing into Construct 2. We've designed a new educational product to address these concerns. From as little as $250 USD per year* schools can purchase a full featured version of Construct 2 and install it on every computer on site.

We're not changing the fact that educational institutes are always welcome to use the free edition of Construct 2 in their classrooms as well if the free edition meets all their requirements (and for a lot of schools it does!)

A New Partnership

We're also excited to announce a new strategic partnership with LTS Education Systems that was announced in a press release today.

"We are thrilled to partner with Scirra Ltd to integrate the highly popular Construct 2 application into our Stride Builder™ computer literacy program. Our company has been integrating video games with learning for 12 years. We understand the intense focus and magnitude of learning that take place when students are engaged in a virtual space that motivates and empowers them to discover what they are capable of achieving."

— Ernie Gray, Chief Technology Officer for LTS Education Systems

Together with LTS Education Systems we hope to introduce Construct 2 into thousands of classrooms. We're proud that the vast majority of feedback we receive about Construct 2 is overwhelmingly positive so we feel we're in a good position and at a good time to expand into education with confidence.

The Future

We're aiming for Construct 2 to be the de-facto tool for teaching game development in schools. Hopefully the time is right to start realising this ambition!

* Prices on site quoted in GBP, $250 USD is rough equivalent


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