Construct 3 & Global Game Jam - Open Access and Raising Money for Charity!

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  • 9 Jan, 2019
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January is upon us once more which can mean only one thing – it’s almost time for the Global Game Jam!

For those of you who haven’t come across the Global Game Jam, it’s a huge in-person jam that is taking place all over the world from the 25th to the 27th of January! Check the GGJ website for details and to see if there’s a site near you!

Last year saw over 42,000 people jamming together across more than 800 sites in 108 countries, and we’re so proud that almost 300 games were made in Construct – the third most popular game engine used according to GGJ! Personally, we reckon you can break the 300 mark, so once again we’re opening up the full version of Construct 3 for free for this year's GGJ! And, this year we’ve decided that for every game submitted to GGJ made in Construct, we’ll donate $10* to the wonderful charity Special Effect. This fantastic charity helps people with disabilities play the games they love.

The full version of Construct 3 will be available for all to use completely free from Thursday, January 24th through to Monday 28th. All you will need to do is:

  1. Make sure you've registered a free account
  2. Simply visit to load Construct 3
  3. Log in with your account - you'll then have access to the full version!

The Jam kicks off at 5pm on the Friday - that’s local time for wherever you may be and will run for roughly 48 hours from that point. There’s a single globalised theme which will be announced at 5pm in each timezone - don’t tell anyone until the last region (Hawaii) has been told! Plus, you can keep up with all the goings-on with the official hashtag #GGJ19.

We’d love to know if you’re joining the Jam, so share your creations with us! Use the tags #MadeInConstruct, #Construct3 or #Construct2, or tag us directly on Twitter or Facebook using @ConstructTeam and we’ll share as much as we can!

Have fun!

*Up to 500 games, final donation will be based on the figure of Construct games submitted to the Global Game Jam website seven days after jam officially ends. $10 will be considered to be £7.85 (correct at time of publication).


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  • A Great initiative

  • Cheers! Thanks for sharing that info. I'm going to try to be brave enough to participate -never finished anything under pressure but I guess it will be a good experience (for those of Us that are shy).

  • I am SO doing this. My roommates and I are game.

  • Whaaaat, so much is happening on my birthday this year! (Jan 25) Hopefully I can figure out something to make for the jam, I work best in a small timeframe like this. I actually just picked up A license for working on my passion project so maybe I'll have more experience by then too!

    Now, what to make...

  • awesome initiative... only problem is with that small a window, if you create something you love and would like to develop further... sorry- you cant unless you fork up 100 bucks for the year. Ive already paid 100 bucks for a year and thats expired... I dont like these subscription based software "ball and chains" that keep your own hard work as hostages to their subscription plans as a way to siphon more money from its userbase. To me thats parallel the whole EA games in-app purchase scheme with loot crates. why milk your fan-base for money when they are the ones keeping you alive in the first place? I think I will use game-maker this year. I loved the simplicity and speed to get something started in construct... but Im a middle class working family dude- I dont have loads of disposable income. Thanks but no thanks.

    • I'm sure you can use construct 2 (If you have it already, full version) If you have to use c3 to be counted as a construct game then that's stupid. Again I'm sure you don't have to use c3 but use c2

      • You deff. are able to use Construct 2!

        I'm still using C2 loyally for the same reason.

        Recently even updated my Android games to support the new Android Api rules etc. No hassle!

        i'm just missing out a bit on the much improved versions of the array, the upcoming z-space etc. and unfortunately, some performance. although, C2 is solid. it keeps surprising me from time to time.

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    • the same situation! I'm not able to change Scirra's mind here. It is their money and future! But for me it is a bit expensive for 1 year. Especially when I made only $ 14.21 for 2 years on my games :).

      I think people buy 1 year subscription and after never prolong it.

      But for Scirra it is the same amount of profit if they sell lifetime subscription.

      If you buy next year it's great if not it is still OK for Scirra

  • :):):)

  • What's up gamers what is a construct/

  • Laura_D - How are we to sign up with the GGJ site? I'm not sure I understand. I signed up for an account with the GGJ site, but how do we register specifically for THIS game jam?