Construct 3 Gamejam with Newgrounds

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  • 24 Mar, 2017
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Construct 3 Gamejam with Newgrounds

We know you're all excited to get your hands on the public beta this Tuesday (and we're at least equally as excited to get it into your hands!). The public beta will run for 8 weeks using the Free Edition of Construct 3.

In the eighth week (15th of May to 21st may) we'll be running a gamejam with the awesome people at The theme of this jam will be announced nearer the time (we've already got a cool theme but don't want to show our hand just yet!).

Even though it's several weeks away, we're all excited to see what you all come up with!

Are you a little worried about making games with the free edition of Construct 3 for the jam? Read on...

All Features Unlocked

Unlike Construct 2, we now have the option and ability to experiment with unlocking all features when and where we want (think free weekends for Construct 3...).

The Newgrounds gamejam seems like the perfect moment to unlock all Construct 3 features to everyone for the duration of the jam! This means for the duration of the game jam you'll be able to try out every feature of Construct 3 for free.

"I was amazed at how quickly I could compile and play a game project in Construct 3, without ever leaving my web browser. People are gonna love this."- Tom Fulp, Newgrounds Founder

Tom Fulp's given the alpha a go and we agree, we think you're all going to love Construct 3!


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