The Construct GAMEE Jam returns!

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  • 3 Jun, 2019
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Remember last year, we teamed up with social gaming company GAMEE to bring you a gamejam? Well, we're going to do it all again! That's right, GAMEE are back with two brand new plugins for both Construct 3 and Construct 2 and want YOU to develop some awesome new games.

If you've not come across GAMEE before, they've set up a fantastic platform that allows you to play great games using their own social app (available on both iOS and Android) or directly in messaging apps like Telegram and Kik. GAMEE users can create their own profiles and the platform’s games aim to create competition amongst friends using social features and score sharing.

Which brings us back to the competition - develop a game using Construct 2 or Construct 3 that runs on the GAMEE platform, and you could win some great prizes! The theme this time around is "Battle with Friends" which fits nicely with GAMEE's social focus. You could compete, cooperate or just smash your friend with a pie in the face, anything goes! Your creations could be PvP, fake multiplayer or single player - you are bound only by your imagination.

So what about some rules, it wouldn't be a contest without rules, right?

Let's start with the must-haves for your game.

  • Your game must be made using Construct 3 or Construct 2, and it should follow the theme "Battle with Friends."
  • You need to implement the GAMEE framework (plugins for Construct 2 & Construct 3 are provided)
  • Your games must be mobile-first and should work without bugs in GAMEE emulator
  • Games must be in portrait orientation only as landscape is not currently supported by GAMEE

A good entry to the competition should:

  • Have a simple tutorial so players know what to do
  • Have progressive difficulty
  • Have sounds
  • Be no larger than 5 MB in size (the smaller, the better)
  • Be true to GAMEE's style of games - you can have a look at their library for inspiration, but casual, and addictive games typically stand out on GAMEE platform.

You've got until the 14th of July to design, build, test and submit your game. Submissions will be handled by GAMEE, via this website. Your creations will then be judged, and the winners announced later.

First place will net you an Xbox One or a PS4 and a year's subscription to Construct 3! There will also be prizes available for second through sixth place including a Nintendo Switch, C3 subscriptions and more, so there's plenty of reasons to get involved!

If you'd like to take part, head over to GAMEE's site to find out more. The complete set of rules, judging criteria and available prizes can be found there too. Plus, you can download the GAMEE plugins from there.

There’s also an FAQ, a forum thread where you guys can discuss the competition, share your progress and ask questions of the GAMEE team! We hope you'll join in this contest and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Good Luck!


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