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  • 29 Jun, 2015
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Following on the heels of our last highly successful collaboration with Amazon and to celebrate the continuing expansion of our team, we are launching the new App Dash challenge!

Earn up to


In Scirra Store vouchers

Publish your app or game on the Amazon Appstore between now and July 31st and you’ll be awarded a $20 credit to our store for each app. You can do this with up to 5 different games and apps – potentially earning up to $100 of store credit! You can use these credits to purchase royalty free assets to improve your app or for your next title. Publishing your app to the Amazon Appstore will also let millions of customers discover, search and shop for your apps and games on Amazon in 236 countries and territories worldwide.

In addition, on a weekly basis, FIVE Construct 2 Personal Licenses (each worth $129.99), will be raffled to everyone who has published an app or game – so the earlier your game is live on the Amazon Appstore, the better your chance of winning!

Good luck!

How to Participate

Step 1:

Create a developer account for the Amazon Appstore for free.

Step 2:

Publish your Android apps to the Amazon Appstore. Click HERE for a short video on how to publish an app to the Amazon Appstore.

Step 3:

Fill out this survey with your information including the links to all your published apps by July 31st so we can send you your rewards.

Please allow up to two weeks after the close of the offer to validate your entries and send you your rewards!

<a href="" target="_blank" title="Visit the Scirra Asset store!">


Additional terms and conditions

  • To be eligible, all apps must be published to the Amazon Appstore between 00:01 am PST June 16th and 11:59 pm PST July 31st.
  • The links to each eligible apps must be submitted for review using the survey outlined in step 3.
  • Each developer will be awarded $20 in store credit per app for your first 5 apps i.e. a maximum of $100 of store credit.
  • We reserve the right to reject an app if it is not functional or does not meet our quality bar. Rejected apps will not be eligible for the awards.
  • Store credit is advertised in USD but voucher will be denominated in rough equivalent GBP at the time of this promotion.


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