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Announcing two new export platforms

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  • 30 Oct, 2012
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As HTML5 matures, more and more platforms are coming to support the technology. This means we can announce upcoming support for two new recently-released platforms: Windows Phone 8, and Firefox Marketplace.

We recently announced support for building Windows 8 apps with Construct 2. Despite the name, this does not actually cover Windows Phone 8 - the technologies involved and the export process are slightly different. Therefore we will be adding support for exporting to Windows Phone 8 in time for the next stable release (within a few weeks). Unfortunately there will be a couple of limitations at first due to how the Windows Phone 8 platform works: audio is monophonic (meaning you can play music, but not sound effects). Also, the Windows 8 object won't work on Windows Phone 8 since it doesn't have support for its features in HTML5 apps. However this gives Construct 2 developers a way on to this emerging phone platform.

Additionally, Mozilla have been working on "Open Web Apps" - an open app store platform - throughout this year, and recently launched the Firefox Marketplace. As with Firefox OS, open web apps are based entirely on HTML5, which makes Construct 2 perfectly suited for it. We aim to add support in similar time (within a few weeks). As ever, new platforms present both opportunity and risk. But with Mozilla planning to launch their own mobile phone platform Firefox OS next year, this gives Construct 2 developers a way on to yet another emerging phone platform.

These two platforms add to the list of 7 platforms we already support, ranging from iOS to Facebook. We believe this is further evidence the future of apps is not rewriting time and time again for native apps - it's a single HTML5 engine that works everywhere.


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