Announcing launch day: Monday 22nd August

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  • 15 Aug, 2011
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Big news! We're launching early adopter licenses on Monday August 22nd along with the r51 update — a week from now. Construct 2 will move from test builds to the Free edition, with some limits (more will be announced on the day). There will be a fully functional discount early-adopter license for non-commercial use for £19, marked down from the full price of £39. That's the one most of you will want! Since Construct 2 is quite early in development, we're rewarding you lot (our "early adopters") with cheaper licenses. Once we've fleshed out features and documentation, we'll be moving back up to the full price, so get 'em while they're cheap.

There will also be a commercial early-adopter license (obviously, valid for commercial use) for £99, marked down from the full price of £149. Now let me try to put this clearly: A Construct 2 discount early adopter license costs £19. It's fully functional and is what the vast majority of you will want. Please don't go round saying Construct 2 costs £99! It doesn't! It costs £19! You only need a commercial license if you're using it for commercial purposes, which means you'll be making money from it anyway, so it shouldn't be a big worry. Functionally, the discount license is identical to the commercial one, so you don't need a commercial license to get all the features. The discount license has everything. A typical game maker will do just fine with that.

Ahem. Yeah, sorry, had to make that clear — it's been a point of confusion for some in the past.

Anyways, we're still nailing down an exact definition of "commercial use" — we want to aim it at businesses and large-scale operations using C2 though, not as a way to screw over indies without much cash to spare. More to come later.

We're a tiny operation here at Scirra — it's just me working on the editor, and Tom doing the site. We'd love it if you're able to help support us by telling a few people and getting a license if you can afford it. We'll try to return the favour by working extra hard to make Construct 2 as amazing as possible. Thanks! :) Our goal is to make the best HTML5 game creator in the world, and help HTML5 conquer Flash. We hope you're as excited about this as we are.


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