Announcing Blackberry 10 and Tizen export in free Construct 2 update

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  • 14 May, 2013
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Scirra are pleased to announce Construct 2 now supports exporting to both Blackberry 10 and Tizen! The update is already available in the r130 beta release, and will make it to a stable release soon. The exporters will be free updates for all existing Personal and Business license owners - there's no need to buy anything new to use them.

Blackberry 10

The BB10 browser is fast and has a great feature set, scoring 91% on ScirraMark - the only thing it's missing is the Web Audio API, which is also currently being worked on. If it comes soon, BB10 may be the first mobile browser to score 100% on the test! Its WebGL support boosts performance to native-like speeds and also allows you to take advantage of Construct 2's awesome visual effects.

We'd like to thank Erik Oros at Blackberry for lots of help getting the exporter working. Erik is also planning to release a Construct 2 plugin to support BB10 specific features like in-app purchases.


Tizen is a new mobile operating system being developed mainly by Intel and Samsung. While no Tizen devices are currently available, Samsung plans to release Tizen devices towards the end of the year, and this could quickly propel Tizen to being a major platform. We've added support to Construct 2 early so that you can be ready to publish your games as soon as the devices launch later this year.

Tizen's browser is also fast with a great feature set, also scoring 91% on ScirraMark - the only thing it's missing is WebRTC support (for the User Media object; the Web Audio API is supported). Its WebGL support also allows native-like performance and amazing WebGL shader effects. This is very promising for Construct 2 developers!

Other exporter news

Other new platforms Construct 2 already supports exporting to include Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Firefox Marketplace (for Firefox OS). The r130 beta also includes support for Firefox packaged apps, allowing you to upload Firefox OS apps without needing a website host.

Construct 2 also supports exporting Windows, Mac and Linux desktop apps via node-webkit - effectively a standalone version of the Google Chrome browser, with all your project assets bundled in to the application. The r130 beta also includes support for file operations on disk, like reading/writing files, opening file dialogs, and more. This brings native-app style disk access to Construct 2 games, despite the fact it's still all powered by HTML5 technology.

Powered by HTML5

Construct 2 has been powered exclusively by HTML5 technology since its launch in 2011. Our engine is now mature, well-tested and high-performance. HTML5's portability has allowed us to instantly port to new platforms as they emerge, requiring virtually no effort to support with our existing engine nor any further effort to maintain. Unlike some other tools on the market, this allows us to have a single license which enables all export platforms at once - there's no need to pay again and again for each exporter you want to use. Since Construct 2 now supports exporting to the web, iOS, Android, Facebook, the Chrome Web Store, Windows desktop, Mac desktop, Linux desktop, Windows 8 apps, Windows Phone 8 apps, Firefox OS, Blackberry 10, and Tizen, you can breathe a sigh of relief there's no need to pay for each! The Personal edition license remains just $119 for all 13 platforms. One way of looking at it is it's under $10 for each platform.

You can export to Blackberry 10 and Tizen today with the latest Construct 2 beta update r130. Although it's already available, note it's currently beta support. If you'd rather wait for polished support, we plan to release a stable update in the near future!

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