Simple Snapshot a Specific Position of Canvas C2/C3

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  • 2 Aug, 2018
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We open a C3 default project, and keep the default size.

After we have our project opened, you need something to differentiate from the background i added a default sized sprite and made it light-blue colored.

Third and last you need the browser plugin.

To the event event system.



On start of layout

Actions we need from the System expression list:

Set canvas size to Sprite.width x Sprite.height

Scroll to position Sprite.X x Sprite.Y

Wait 0 seconds

Take Snapshot of canvas (JPEG, Quality 75)

Wait 0 seconds

Set canvas size to 854 x 480

Scroll to position OriginalViewportWidth/2 x OriginalViewportHeight/2

Action from Browser expression:

Invoke Download for url we type CanvasSnapshot

For file name we type "mysnapshot.jpg"

That is it.

We need to specify the file extension in the name of file, otherwise you will get a image without an extension and your pc/device won't be able to reconize it. However it will be opened if you select what program to open that type of file(photoshop/picture viewer etc;).

Almost forgot .... Download CanvasPositionSnapshot.c3p example file... in case you couldn't follow the written tutorial.

This file only works with Construct 3... if you want to test it out ... click here C3-Editor and open the downloaded file.

Have fun!


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  • thank you very much , i try on android but i t not download to mobile gallery

    • the download browser function only works for hosted content, wrapped .apk doesn't work, as its not running in a browser. It could work in a .apk if you load the canvas snapshot app you created on a website, and inside the .apk for android you load it trough an iframe, which would call the browser object and features. Hope it helped you.