Construct 3

Release r72

11 December, 2017 ()


Russian translation, four new in-progress languages, and lots of bug fixes

21 Changes

  • Project bar: new 'Create new family' context menu option for object types
    8 Favourites
  • Language files are now cached on-demand, to reduce the initial download size of C3 (previously all languages were downloaded)
    2 Favourites
  • Updated light theme to fix some issues
    3 Favourites
  • Updated localforage (storage library) to better support long sessions
    3 Favourites
Bug fix
  • Improved support for Firefox on Android
    4 Favourites
  • Old versions of Construct 3 should now be properly cleaned up from the offline cache
    2 Favourites
  • Firefox: work around a bug in Firefox that could cause opening projects from cloud to hang
    2 Favourites
  • Possible crash editing event with breakpoint to an event which cannot have a breakpoint (e.g. a trigger)
    2 Favourites
  • Event Sheet View: 'N' keyboard shortcut would type in the dialog that opened
    2 Favourites
  • Image editor undo not working when editing objects with no animations
    4 Favourites
  • Animation preview in the image editor showing the first frame twice as long
    3 Favourites
  • Table in the open/save project dialog not producing horizontal scroll bars properly
    2 Favourites
  • Possible crash while resizing an empty table
    2 Favourites
  • Text alignment issue with cloud dialog
    3 Favourites
  • Able to open deleted projects on Google Drive using the recent projects list
    3 Favourites
  • Small GPU performance improvement to effects rendering in editor
    11 Favourites
  • Russian translation now available by default!
    4 Favourites
  • Added in-progress Polish translation
    2 Favourites
  • Added in-progress Swedish translation
    2 Favourites
  • Added in-progress Thai translation
    2 Favourites
  • Added in-progress Turkish translation
    3 Favourites


This is our first beta after our first stable release! Please note that visiting will load the latest stable release only. To use a beta, visit the version directly, e.g. You should be able to get there by clicking the "Launch r72" button on this page.

We've got a range of bug fixes in this build. Some fixes involve corresponding server-side changes, such as the lazy-loading of language files and cleaning up old release's caches, so may not take effect immediately or until the next release. One potentially important change is an update to our storage library which better supports long duration sessions. Previously it was possible for the storage access to time out, which could cause storage errors after a long session; the storage library should now attempt to automatically recover from this, helping you keep going for longer.

We're also pleased to announce that as of this beta the Russian translation is enabled by default! Remember this won't take effect on until the next stable release, but it means that if your browser language is set to Russian, Construct 3 will automatically load with the Russian language as the default. Further our translation projects are going strong and we're pleased to be able to add four more in-progress translations: Polish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish. You can try these out by enabling Developer Mode, but note most of them are at an early stage right now.

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