Construct 3

Release r35

05 June, 2017 ()


More bug fixes and some usability tweaks

13 Changes

  • Recent projects now has the icon for the service next to each project (Google Drive etc.)
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  • Attempting to exit while saving to cloud now will now prompt to confirm you want to leave
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  • Pressing local preview when a remote preview is running now updates the remote preview and shows a notification rather than switching to local preview
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Bug fix
  • Live Previewing particles could cause other objects to disappear on macOS
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  • Force-own-texture layers sometimes did not appear correctly in the editor on macOS
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  • Crash creating family of Arrays
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  • Possible crash using a single effect on a layer
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  • Event Sheet View: 'Copy as Text' now marks disabled events
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  • Image editor crashes when trying to open empty or invalid files. In this case C3 with replace the faulty images with valid empty ones.
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  • Wrong layout view instance sizes when changing the initial frame or initial animation properties in the properties bar
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  • Saved projects recently modified value stopped updating and out by 1 hour
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  • Cloud save: creating file message not dismissed when file creation fails
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  • Some users unable to cloud save with Google Drive
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Lots more bug fixes this build! A couple of bugs were accidentally introduced in r34, hopefully these are cleaned up now. In particular using cloud save to Google Drive was problematic in r34, it should be working correctly again now. There's a couple more fixes around macOS too, where what appear to be graphics driver bugs were causing a couple of rendering issues.

Note that the Gamejam period (including the extension) is now over, so Construct 3 will revert to the Free edition. However we are now piloting our payment system - if you'd like you subscribe as an early adopter, check out this forum thread.

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