Construct 3

Release r27

15 May, 2017 ()


Exporter fixes and start of the game jam!

9 Changes

  • Full support for the Newgrounds Gamejam, including notifications about the jam and indicating the end date
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  • Project bar: sub-items of sound/music files now also have an icon
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Bug fix
  • Exporting projects using effects with "Minify script" enabled did not work
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  • Worked around C3 failing to load due to browser extensions that crash
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  • Crash exporting project using the Facebook plugin
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  • Crash exporting with Cordova
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  • Export statistics for some exporters listed NaN numbers
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  • Crash using Bullet 'Bounce' action when not overlapping anything
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  • Image editor rendering issues at browser zoom different to 100%
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This build mainly fixes a few last-minute issues with Construct 3's exporters to ensure they are working for the game jam. There will likely be more bugs, but hopefully this stamps out the more serious ones.

We've also added more UI specific to the game jam, such as notifications to guests that the game jam is running, and a notification of when the game jam ends, at which point you'll be put back on the Free Edition unless you subscribe.

One more interesting bug fix is we managed to identify one case where browser addons could cause Construct 3 to fail to load with a "Script error, line 0" message. This ought to now be worked around - so if you've had trouble with browser addons in the past, it's worth giving it another shot.

The Newgrounds Gamejam is now running, have fun!

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