Construct 3

Release r26

11 May, 2017 ()


Bug fixes and ready for game jam!

7 Changes

  • If C3 fails to load, the error message now suggests to disable browser addons, since that is often the cause.
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  • Adjusted color and positioning of start page notifications to make them more noticable
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Bug fix
  • Event sheet view: using arrow key navigation no longer selects collapsed events
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  • Parameters dialog: double-clicking an expression field now always selects it
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  • Parameters dialog: focusing a different app and then refocusing C3 now correctly preserves expression selection range
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  • Layout view: possible crash scrolling after cancelling an object placement
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  • Layout view: sometimes objects could display the loading placeholder (light blue) while placing a new sprite
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This build is just a few extra tweaks and bug fixes in advance of the game jam that starts on Monday. In case you missed it, the Newgrounds Gamejam starts on Monday with the theme Good Things Come In Threes. For the now two-week duration of the jam, we'll also be enabling the full features of Construct 3 - so everyone can use the full features for free! Be sure to get involved and try out all Construct 3's new features when they're enabled, like the NW.js exporter, Remote Preview, Find All References, Live Previews and more!

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