Construct 3

Release r24

04 May, 2017 ()


Scirra Arcade exporter, design updates, and performance tweaks.

16 Changes

  • Added the Scirra Arcade exporter
  • Added Windows 10 / Xbox One (UWP) exporter
  • Add padding when zooming in the Animations Editor. Makes editing the edges of an image slightly more convenient
  • Construct 3's loading screen now uses a new style by our designer Paulo
  • Projects using the "splash" loader style now use a Construct 3 themed splash instead of the old Construct 2 one
  • Adjusted the style of the export select platform dialog again, with new categorisation
  • When running from desktop, Ctrl+N now opens the New Project dialog rather than immediately creating a new project
Bug fix
  • Popup windows did not work in r23
  • Exporting images set to use JPEG did not actually encode them as JPEG (they were being exported as PNG with a .jpg extension)
  • Image points not been shown in the Animations Editor
  • Layout glitches when the start page is displayed in full screen mode.
  • Possible crash creating large number of tabs
  • Layout view now focuses when drag-dropping an instance from the Project Bar
  • Wrong behaviour expression names using the Expressions Dictionary
  • Improve spritesheeting algorithm to avoid significantly increased memory usage in a specific worst-case scenario
  • Improve performance of sliding panels in the Animations Editor


We've added back the Scirra Arcade exporter, which you can use to publish games to the Scirra Arcade. As with C2, this exporter is also available in the Free Edition. We've also implemented the Windows 10 UWP exporter, which can also export to Xbox One, but this isn't currently available in the beta. However as with other subscriber features it'll be temporarily enabled during the Newgrounds gamejam!

The loading screen has had a fresh lick of paint from our designer Paulo. You may not see the new design immediately since we need to make a server-side change to ensure everyone sees it, but keep an eye out for it! In the mean time the loading screen will fall back to a slightly different design, which is just what it does when the server hasn't updated yet. We've also finally got round to updating the splash screen used for exported projects, so these now say "Powered by Construct 3" instead of using the old Construct 2 splash.

Finally there's a few bug fixes as usual, and we've also made a couple of performance related tweaks to optimise spritesheet memory usage and the UI in the mobile version of the Animations Editor.

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