Construct 3

Release r22

25 April, 2017 ()


Fullscreen start page, beginnings of NW.js exporter, and more fixes.

12 Changes

  • The Start Page now takes up the whole screen if it is the only thing open.
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  • NW.js exporter. Note this will only be available when licenses become available (including in the Newgrounds Gamejam).
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  • Improved icon quality
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  • Recent projects now use last filename instead of project name
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  • Saving will use the last filename for the project as the default value instead of the project name
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Bug fix
  • Possible crash opening example projects if storage was in an unexpected state
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  • Expressions Dictionary now remembers state
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  • Crash when renaming sub folders in the Animations Editor
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  • Crash when importing audio files into project
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  • Crash when saving files to local browser with invalid characters or empty name
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  • Browser saves will attempt to recover orphaned data and will clean up irrecoverable data
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  • Cloud save would sometimes forget the last used service when using local save as well
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In this build we've changed the Start Page to fill the whole window if it's the only thing open. This avoids having empty bars at the sides wasting space. On some displays the bars would also push the Start Page down in to a mobile-style responsive view, so using the full width of the window allows it to use the full desktop-style view.

The NW.js exporter has also been added in this build - it can't be used in the free edition, but it's there for when the features are enabled. This build also uses higher-quality icon scaling in many cases, so things should look a little nicer. Beyond that there's more bug fixes and still a lot of work continuing behind-the-scenes too!

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