Construct 3

Release r21

21 April, 2017 ()


Event variables bug fix, new clipboard setting and more.

6 Changes

  • New 'Use in-app clipboard' setting. This forces the use of the fake clipboard, avoiding copy prompts, but not allowing copy-paste between apps.
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  • Snap to grid in the Animations Editor
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  • Construct 3 will now open projects if a .zip file is dropped in the window which contains either a .c3proj file or .c3p file.
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  • Layout view: pasting from the context menu now pastes immediately at the right-clicked position rather than using the crosshair.
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Bug fix
  • Crash using event variables introduced in r20
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  • Added undo points for creating and importing project files
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The main reason for this release is to fix a bug using event variables that was introduced in r20. However there's also a few other bits of on-going development thrown in, such as snap-to-grid in the animations editor, and the ability to directly open .zip files if they contain a .c3proj or .c3p file.

There's also a new setting to "Use in-app clipboard". This stops trying to use the real clipboard at all, and only uses an in-memory clipboard. This means you can only copy and paste things within that editor window, and Construct 3's clipboard won't be affected by copying elsewhere. However the benefit is it completely avoids the copy prompts that appear when the browser did not let Construct 3 write to the clipboard. One last change is using the Paste menu option in the Layout View directly pastes the copied instances where you already clicked, rather than moving to the crosshair. These changes are meant to make Construct 3 more convenient to use in other form factors, especially with a tablet or touch/pen input.

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