Construct 3

Release r20

20 April, 2017 ()


New 'Paste' option, new preview mode, and lots of bug fixes.

17 Changes

  • 'Paste' menu options in the Layout View and Event Sheet View, using an in-memory clipboard instead of the real clipboard.
  • Project Bar: added back the 'Clone' option for object types that C2 had.
  • New 'Browser tab' preview mode. This uses a standard browser tab instead of a popup window.
  • Warning message indicating the source image of a tilemap is not being shown due to tilemap instance properties misconfiguration
  • Mobile: fullscreen menus no longer group items horizontally, since it could cause unwanted horizontal scrolling of the menu
  • Runtime: middle-click no longer switches to browser pan scroll cursor
  • Browser plugin: 'Go to URL' action now opens a new window in preview mode, since C3 does not support changing the preview window URL
Bug fix
  • Crash in parameters dialog trying to type a behavior expression for an object that doesn't support behaviors
  • Crash pasting events to a different project when instance variables were missing
  • Reloading an existing preview window could cause the existing window to close
  • Adding a new object type via the Project Bar no longer switches to a crosshair cursor if there is not a Layout View visible
  • Event sheet view: events could be dragged outside of the scope of local variables they referenced. This now shows an error.
  • Crash when closing a project after duplicating a layout
  • Possible crash when loading a project
  • Crash when importing image file by dropping it into the animations panel
  • Crashes in the Tilemap Bar when the source image is not shown as a result of instance properties being misconfigured.
  • Adjustments to startup scheduling to try to make sure the start page loads more quickly


As usual there's a batch of bug fixes, changes and this time a bit of work on startup performance too. However there's a couple of additions worth highlighting:

Pastemenu options are back. However, this uses a "fake clipboard", because Javascript can't actually cause a paste to happen. Basically if you use the Ctrl+V shortcut or choose "Paste" from the browser menu, a real paste happens. But when you choose 'Paste' from a menu in C3, it just uses the last thing you copied in that window. This allows for more intuitive use of copy-paste, especially on form factors without a keyboard. But be aware that you can't use the menu option to do things like paste between different copies of C3 - only things you copied in the same editor.

There's also a newbrowser tab preview modeavailable in Settings. This always opens a full browser tab when you click Preview, even when run from the desktop without the usual browser UI. One reason this may be useful is to then open Chrome's dev tools and access features like Device Mode which are only available in tabbed browsing mode.

As before we're still getting lots of great feedback and working hard to keep improving Construct 3. We'll have more updates soon!

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